Creeps & Saints

Saints Of The Week

The Saint of the Week is my husband. You allow me to stay at home and raise our children while you bust your hump on two jobs. You are a wonderful Dad. Some may not see it that way, but I sure do. You are a wonderful man. Thank you for putting up with my crap. We love ya Dad…..

Vera Craig for giving me a bag of good mints. If I gain weight, I will put her in the creeps next week. Kidding. Love ya.

Mae Bryson is a saint. I was having a real bad day she told me she always said a prayer for me at night. Thank you, Mae. Mom and I need them.

Roy at the North Cleveland Towers is a saint because he is always working in the flowers around there.

Peggy at the North Cleveland Towers is always happy and willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need. She does so much for others.

Charles at the North Cleveland Towers always has a big smile or something funny to say every time you see him. It’s really good to get to talk to him there.

I would like to send a shout out to ALL the Cleveland City Schools LUNCH LADIES.. I know you guys work hard and and get little recognition for it …. so I am here to say THANK YOU and thanks for all that you guys do and that we would miss you if you all decided not to come to work.. ( You all are the saints of the year…)

Creeps Of The Weeks

To the wife of a local businessman who imagines that everyone wants her husband. So in return she damages their personal property. He’s a good man and has female friends he owns a business – that doesn’t mean they’re having an affair. Get put on some medication to help you control yourself. Sorry you’re so insecure about yourself. Find a hobby. Next time we’ll press charges!!!!

To the woman pulling out from the parking lot at Hobby Lobby blowing at us like a stupid crazy person. I want you to know my 16 year old who is learning to drive was trying to pull out there. She was scared to death. We were in the silver van. On Tuesday evening . If you read this and it sounds like you, I want you to know you are a real creep for scaring her. Do you remember what it was like to learn to drive?

In last week’s issue there were two stories of dogs being killed by automobiles. It is unfortunate that this should happen and my heart goes out to you in this loss. I am a pet owner and I know how terrible the loss could be. Have you people never heard of our leash law? This is a state law that says no animal can run loose. He must be confined or on a leash at ALL times. If you loved your animals as you say you did, why, oh why were they permitted to run loose and get into the streets? I’d say you were lucky that the drivers and the automobiles were not damaged. Then you could be named “Creeps of the Week” and with lawsuits on your hands. If you decide to be pet owners again, please be more responsible with their lives!

This is for a creep who must have a policeman for a husband. I guess this stuff never has happened to you, right? Well, I’ll ask you this: where do you live so I can send you the 21 year old boy who I was trying to help cause no one else would not. Even his family would let him stay, but I had a heart and thought I could help someone. I even drove him to work back and forth when he did get a job, and cleaned and washed his clothes and fed him. Then he’d steal my stuff. He’s getting by with it cause of these lazy police or detectives whichever – I call them “rent a cops” most people do. Don’t forget to put your address and phone number here so I can send him your way. Another thing, I can complain if I want to, Dummy.

The officials at the race track win the all time creep of the week award!!! I honestly think they sit up in the press box taking naps instead of paying attention to what is going on down on the track. During last Saturday night’s race the flagman waved the checkered flag to the winner of the front runner’s race but the people in the press box said he waved it at the wrong car. What do they know if they’re asleep because it’s so late at night? Maybe they just need some new glasses. Just in case you don’t remember– all tickets are the same price for every class, therefore all classes should be treated with the same amount of respect!! I think it’s time they get some officials that really care about ALL drivers and ALL classes, not just a few here and there!!

Some of the officials at the race track are the real creeps of the week!! I am an avid race fan at this track and recently noticed they treat some of the drivers like the dirt that’s raced on!! How can you wave the checkered flag at one driver but yet give the win to another? This is so un-fair and very disrespectful!! Sounds like you need to get some officials that actually watch the race and know what’s going on instead of not paying attention! Put yourself in the driver’s shoes, you would not appreciate this at all if it happened to you!!

I feel for the lady whose little black Chihuahua was ran over on 20th street. I live in your neighborhood and I see the traffic buzzing by here. I have a small child and pets of my own. Shame on the crazy drivers in this neighborhood. Their day will come. But I have one question. What was the dog doing in the road to begin with?

The Creeps of the week are…. drum role please.. The people that pick students up from BCHS. Can you people not read? When you pull into the drive there are signs and arrows directing the lanes. Are you people ignorant, or illiterate? If you all would wait in line and stop acting as if God has given you a pass to crap on others around you, then traffic would move steadily during pick up time. Be considerate instead of being an arrogant idiot… Jeez